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There is a DELL laptop. Bought a little less than 2 years ago. Almost, on it files at least. It was used only for movies in the internet. Everything is OK, it works great (within its technical characteristics). But there is an understanding that they miscalculated with its filling at the very beginning, even at the time of selection and purchase. The laptop is terribly tupit, it loads for a few minutes, when you try to immediately open the browser, it hangs for 2 to 3 minutes. Even just using it to watch movies on the Internet, he is terribly stupid, everything is very slow, just like my 486th childhood))) The question is whether there are options to pump its technical characteristics (change iron)? Reinstallation of Windows does not offer.

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    Nikita Sologubov

    Да только смотря какая именно модель ноутбука.
    Можно увеличить обьем оперативной памяти , + поставить SSD диск для более быстрой работы. Если заинтересованны пишите :
    Whatsapp: +34653352390

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