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    Online Translation Bureau SLU

    translations: technical, legal, business, literature, simultaneous online

    14 years of experience 0 tasks worked€45.00/hr

    Written translation.
    Languages: Russian, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Catalan.
    Subject: technical translations (all types), legal, business, literary.
    All translations are checked by the native speaker of the language to which the translation is made.

    Simultaneous online translations: these are translations through a video conference such as Skype with three or more participants.
    Terms: standard translation is based on 5 full pages per day. There is a possibility of urgent transfers for an additional price.

    Prices: the Price varies depending on the language, on the translation or simultaneous and on the timing of the work. For this, contact us and we will send you specific prices for a specific order.
    Payment: 50% advance payment with the signing of the contract for the order.
    We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of various types of translations and serious orders are checked not only by a native speaker, but also by a professional in the field of translation. for example, a legal translation is checked by a lawyer, a technical engineer, etc.
    We work with serious companies and have never received complaints about the quality of translation or speed in 10 years…
    Attention! We don't do the official translation (traducción jurada). If you need this kind of translator, there are many good professionals in this field. All other documents, such as account, invoice, etc. present no problem!

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    Mariia Duffis James


    12 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    I have been working for 12 years in the organization and harmonization of space in the house, office, garage. I'll help you organize your wardrobe, kitchen, children's room, garage and workspace. I advise on the organization of the budget, cleaning, which leads to saving time and money. Packing and unpacking services when moving. General cleaning 360, °

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    Iryna Makhonya


    1 year of experience 0 tasks worked€40.00/hr

    Russian-speaking Lawyer in Madrid

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    Real estate agent

    4 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    How can I help you?

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    CANTANTE y profesora de canto Anastasia Lasko

    Singer and singing teacher

    20 years of experience 0 tasks worked€100.00/hr

    Professional musical accompaniment of your events. A set of musical equipment. Dj. International hits in 5 languages: Spanish, English, Russian, French, Ukrainian. Page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cantante.a.minskaya

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    Pavel Leontiev Saxofonista Presentador

    Lead and Event Planner, Saxophonist

    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked€50.00/hr

    Professional saxophonist for parties. Alicante, Valencia, Benidorm

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    Evgeniya Alexander

    Director assistant/ PA

    11 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Focused, self motivated individual, looking for a challenging position with the prospects of further training and career progression, that will enhance skills already attained.

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    samoylina natalia

    Cleaning and babysitter

    7 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Hello, good afternoon, my name is Natalia! I am 36 years old and I am looking for work in Barcelona. Or near Barcelona. Clean houses, offices, stairs! Clean houses and offices after repair works! I have experince more than 7 years

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    Natalia Samoylina

    Cleaner and babysitter

    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked
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    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked
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    DREAMDOM S.L Dreamdom

    Electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, heating

    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked€1.00/hr

    We are engaged in construction works on the Costa del Sol for more than 15 years. Main areas: Electricians, Plumbing, Repair and installation of air conditioners

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    Taras Gutako


    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    1 2 3 4 Promotion of sites in Spain and other countries 🙂

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    Artem Puryshev

    Drywall, tilers,

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked€6.00/hr

    I am responsible person

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    Oleg Gopp


    12 years of experience 0 tasks worked€50.00/hr

    We can prepare any format of the contract. Jurisdiction and language of the contract – any. Speed, quality and 100% protection of the client's interests are guaranteed

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    Pavlo Riepin


    8 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Hi, I can help you cheap with repair of tablets, phones, computers, laptops and with installation of operating systems and programs

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    continuous floor installation

    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked€15.00/hr

    Do quickly, efficiently and beautifully

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    Anastasiya Clinica Medelina


    7 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Micropigmentation (temporary correction of facial features) of eyebrows, lips, eyelids. Certified specialist. Qualitatively!

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    Irina Gafvelin Permanent Makeup Academy


    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Permanent makeup and microblading international class teacher. We at Permanent Makeup Academy are using near-medical science and tattoo artistry to apply perfect cosmetic looks to our clients. Our students in basic and master education courses learn how to create the professional look of Permanent cosmetics such as eyeliner, lipstick, brow liner, eyeshadow, and other makeup products. We look forward to working with you!

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    Olga Lytvyn


    20 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    Complex cleaning of apartments. Ukrainian, age 48. I live and work in Madrid. With documents. I speak Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian; understand in Polish.

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    12 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Quality finishing works

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    Petru Tivonciuc

    computer repair technician

    18 years of experience 0 tasks worked€13.00/hr

    Ready for any job!

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    Olga Bubnova


    19 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    Cleanliness and quality are guaranteed!!

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    Alex Shumihin


    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked€5.00/hr

    I can work in the construction industry. I have experience working as an electrician and installing stretch ceilings- I'll take any job-

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    Aleksandr Plotnikov


    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Graduated from the faculty of information technologies, specializing in information systems technician. In principle, I can do any work – I remember the information quickly, I also learn new things quickly

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    Alicante GSM


    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked€15.00/hr

    Screen replacement ?, touchscreen?, Batteries? Replacement case?, charging port?and repair of any complexity?. Any model. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Lg, Huawei, Meizu, ZTE, HTC, Asus, Acer, etc. In the presence of various accessories, charging, safety glasses.

    Also you can buy SIM cards

    following operators: DIGI, LEBARA, SIMYO, LYCA, ORANGE, VODAFONE and LLAMAYA.
    Screen replacement

    ? iPhone?.

    Not the original/the Original

    5/5s/ 5c-35€ / 70€,
    6 – 50€/80€,

    6+ – 60€/90€,
    6S+ – 80€/140€,

    7 – 70€/140€
    7 Plus-90€ / 180€
    the price together with work have on!!!
    Alicante, Plaza Pío xii,

    Av. Padre Espla 3,
    Locutorio Paris.
    Work schedule from 10 to 23 Without breaks and days off

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    Polygraphy. Graphic design. Printing.

    7 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    The company” I. p. S. Print ” Advertising and production company offers a full cycle of production of your advertising products: from design services to printing of finished products. The list of products: 1. business cards 2. Flyers, flyers 3. Printing on film, banner, canvas 4. Plastic cards 5. Printing to the inflatable balloon 6. Souvenir products 7. MENU, catalogs 8. POSTCARDS, posters 9. Tags, labels, price tags 10. Application to clothing 11. Transport branding 12. Stands, corners, signs

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    Documentos y servisios costablanca Centro de servicio multifuncional


    15 years of experience 1 tasks worked€50.00/hr

    Multifunctional service center on the territory of Costa Blanca, created with the purpose of organizing an appeal on legal issues (consultation, legalization, business and management and personal services) Over the years, a team of professionals has been assembled in its field of activity, the purpose of which is to provide the service competently, on the territory of Spain and at the same time do not overpay!

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    Svetlana Nikitina


    25 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    SEAMSTRESS. Experience in the profession 25 years. Sewing curtains, pillows, bedspreads. Replacement of covers of garden and upholstered furniture, chairs, armchairs. Fabrics in stock and on order. Fit clothing for the figure, repair clothes. The Malaga-Marbella area.

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    Nikolai Korolev


    11 years of experience 0 tasks worked€40.00/hr

    Trips around the city and around Alicante (Benidorm, Calpe, Altea, Denia, etc.) and Valencia. Low prices. Round the clock. New comfortable car Nissan Qashqai. (WhatsApp, Viber, egram). www.instagram.com/transfer.costablanca

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    Natali Zhupakhina


    31 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr


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    Nikita Solovev


    1 year of experience 0 tasks worked€100.00/hr

    I live in Moscow. I have a higher economic education (accountant). I will help with the registration of IP (in Moscow), as well as with the management of small businesses. I can book in the 1C-Accounting program. I will find information on the Internet. I create websites, presentations on a turn-key basis.

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    Vitalii Popov


    25 years of experience 0 tasks worked€100.00/hr


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    Ant .


    3 years of experience 0 tasks worked€50.00/hr


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    Zhanar Taukebayeva

    front-end developer/decorator/economist

    13 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    My name is Zhanar, I'm from Kazakhstan.
    Last year I studied web-programming in Barcelona (HTML, CSS, JS+JQuery, PHP, and now – Vue.js). Have an experience as a bank credit-officer (know Excel, Power point, etc.), a decorator (handmaker), and I like to cook.

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    Boris D.mi kitchen


    11 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Design, selection of material. Professional kitchen installation, doors, cabinets, laminate … Cost of works and materials from the factory. Rapid budgeting. Quality. Benidorm and surroundings!

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    Ivan Kryvda


    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked€25.00/hr

    I live in Barcelona. I have more then 15 years of experince as designer and decarator.

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    Computer assistance

    18 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    I live and work in Seville. I offer informatics services. Repair and adjustment of laptops, tablets, smartphones. Satellite TV. Creation of sites under a key. Consultations, great experience and decency. Departure to the house in the city – within an hour. Details under the link: https://www.skorayapomosh.com

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    Olga Pereverzina

    Translator / interpreter

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    I do translations of all kinds in English, Spanish and Russian. Participation in business. Experience: more than 6 years.

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    Svetlana X

    insurance manager

    11 years of experience 0 tasks worked€15.00/hr

    I live with my family in Alicante. I'm looking for a part time job. Without bad habbits.

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    Artjom Hodak

    TIG MIG MAG welder / Motorcycle mechanic

    14 years of experience 0 tasks worked€11.00/hr

    Welding works of any complexity category. Repair of motor vehicles.

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    Micora Plus, S.L. - Instalaciones Eléctricas Micora Plus, S.L.


    20 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    All kinds of electricity work, LED lighting, doormen and video intercoms, DTT and SAT antennas, home automation, installation of air conditioning …

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    Aleksandr .

    Setting up computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones in Torrevieja. Remote computer help

    18 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    I am glad to welcome you!I am Aleksandr, I have been engaged in system administration since 2000.My credo is quality, professionalism and trust of clients.Location: TorreviejaI offer fast and high-quality services for setting up and testing computers (laptops), tablets and smartphones, operating systems and software, as well as remote assistance and support via the Internet. I accept orders at any time convenient for you.- Restore Windows all versions, Android and software; – Clean up systems from viruses and malware; complex anti-virus protection – information recovery – remote computer help and support (via the Internet) – testing of computers to identify technical problems – consultations on the selection of computer equipment and the use of software – other computer services.REMOTE COMPUTER HELPDo you have a problem with your computer (laptop)? The problems of Windows or software, the presence of viruses, removed important information, and others – you can use Professional Remote Computer Assistance. To use this service, you need to work Internet. The service is provided through the official software for remote access. To do this you need to download the program TeamViewer. After downloading, install the program on your PC / laptop. Agree on the time of the session on the contacts indicated on this page. The service is provided without prepayment, you only pay for the finished work! The cost of the services is 10 € / hour. (the minimum cost of work is 15 €) Call me or write to me by e-mail. I will be happy to help you!

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    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    We offer quality services of repair of the apartments and the houses. We are carrying out the painting work, the installation of the drywall , the electricians, the plumbers, the Coating for the tile. Turnkey repair from the beginning to the end.

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    Spain Russian Tours

    personal driver

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked€50.00/hr

    We circle around the area)

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    Talleresmeralda Katz


    25 years of experience 0 tasks worked€15.00/hr

    I am a jeweler, watchmaker, gem cutter

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    RealEspañol Clases individuales


    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked€20.00/hr

    Individual classes. Consulting, translations

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    Serhio Blachkovsky


    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    I provide courier services and moving services

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    Daria Tkachenko

    Home assistant

    4 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    I carry out my work qualitatively and responsibly!

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    Shofer Oleksandr


    25 years of experience 0 tasks worked


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    Viktoria Simonova

    cleaning employee

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked€10.00/hr

    I am a reliable person, responsible and with extensive experience in cleaning

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