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    José Manuel


    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked €5.00/hr

    Finishing a higher degree of Administration and management of systems in the Network.

    I drive both:
    – Operating systems installation and troubleshooting.
    – Configuration in the Software, help to assemble your computer or specify parts at your convenience.
    – Network administrator, mount a network, make rj45 cables or help you with a better connection.
    – Handling markup language like CSS and HTML.
    Any questions write to Gmail.

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    juan turizo arrieta

    professional furniture assembly

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    low cost professional furniture assembly, with five (05) years of experience.

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    Zeus Ricote Rodríguez

    Computer technical service Madrid

    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked
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    Bruno Sola

    Graphic designer

    8 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    Hi, I'm Bruno Sola. I am dedicated to graphic design, web and brand design (branding). I help you to start a new project, to redesign or create your corporate brand and to add color to your ideas.

    We speak?

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    Profe de Frances

    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked €7.00/hr

    Hello good day!

    I am Ange, a French teacher with 2 years of experience for adults and children.
    Thank you.

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    Javier Perdices Sánchez


    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked


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    Ana Kassimatis

    alarm technician

    20 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr


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    zxasqw zxasqw


    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked
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    Paola Petri Ortiz


    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked €50.00/hr

    Hi! My name is Paola and I am a Nutritionist from Mac Nutrition Uni (Loughborough, UK) and an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. My mission is to promote the healing of eating disorders and the culture of diet through intuitive eating, following a holistic approach that involves body, mind and soul.

    Consultations of 1h by video call. The structure and methodology of the consultations is 100% individualized for each specific case. We will go step by step with goals, tasks and weekly learnings. I will provide you with tools to disprove limiting beliefs, face your fears and face situations that trigger bad habits. I will teach you techniques to overcome compulsions, fears and distortions. Respectful and compassionate approach, from the understanding that personal experience gives.

    More info: https://paolapetrinut.com

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    Gema Sánchez


    12 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr
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    Rafael Morel


    12 years of experience 0 tasks worked
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    Novi Smart Solutions


    7 years of experience 0 tasks worked €50.00/hr

    We are a company that serves several lines of services in: painting, cleaning, administrative advice, tax returns, computer applications.

    PAINTING: We do all kinds of interior painting work: smoothing the walls, gotelé (putting it on or taking it off), applying plastic paint, repairing cracks, placing wallpaper, placing decorative vinyl, etc. We work both in flats and in houses, premises, offices, shopping centers, educational centers, etc. Our clients are of different nature, from individuals to companies of all kinds. Our budgets have no commitment, but we are convinced that you will like our prices. We have nearly a decade of painting experience.

    CLEANING: We do final cleaning work, office cleaning, building cleaning.

    ADMINISTRATIVE ADVICE: In contract management, personnel management, administration of administrative advice, tax returns,

    APPLICATION COMPUTERS: In creating web pages, e-commerce stores, SEO, personalized computer training for adults and older adults.

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    Maria Florencia Petronczak

    Professor of English

    18 years of experience 0 tasks worked €5.00/hr

    English teacher with a university degree with more than 15 years of experience at all levels: children, adolescents and adults.

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    Gemma Domingo

    commercial investments

    1 year of experience 0 tasks worked
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    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked €45.00/hr
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    Alberto Rodriguez

    Civil engineer

    25 years of experience 0 tasks worked €20.00/hr

    CIVIL ENGINEER: with more than 20 years of professional experience in the business and engineering sector, I offer a personalized and high-quality service, based on the experience accumulated over the years and the diversity of projects led and services provided.

    Expertise, certifications and appraisals; advanced real estate advice for land purchase, investment and development; project-finance; project-manager; direction and execution of civil works; energy advice; expert in measurement and verification of energy efficiency projects under the IPMVP protocol

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    Oscar Garzón


    18 years of experience 0 tasks worked €70.00/hr


    Individual face-to-face or online personalized coaching sessions recorded with a personalized follow-up and action plan of practical application through a precise diagnosis of the origin of the main problem, – Telephone follow-up between sessions to consolidate what has been learned.
    Become aware of your unique potential and how to apply it in your day-to-day life.

    I am a person who has always worried me about the behavior of the human being, in my time as an athlete and as a student I tried to improve myself technically but I lacked something fundamental: purpose and the adequate motivation to have stood out and obtained better results in studies and in the sport. The teachers focused on the development of skills and not on the core: the person, not helping you discover who you are, what natural gifts you have and how to improve them. Thanks to sport, I was able to find a suitable stimulus that was transferred to the rest of me, carrying out something that has always excited me: teaching how to overcome adversity and move forward, my motto is "always a little more and a little better"

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    Damián Mainero

    Systems analyst

    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    We are a Company that for more than 20 years has been dedicated to providing IT solutions, advice and technical support to our clients.

    Our commitment and dedication have been oriented to satisfy the needs of companies, especially in the Public Services area.

    In addition to our SIACoop system – Comprehensive Management System for Cooperatives, we offer other types of systems:

    – Meter status taking systems

    – Agile and practical mobile point of sale system developed for Android

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    Carolina Mejía

    Competency Development Consultant / Coach / Communicator

    7 years of experience 0 tasks worked €40.00/hr


    I help you develop your skills and build your personal brand so that you are an outstanding professional in recruitment interviews.

    Within my services you will find:

    – Construction of your Impact resume, taking care of no detail of the design and writing.

    – Image and personal brand consultancy.

    – Mentoring and preparation for the job interview.

    – Development of a personalized plan for coaching and personal and professional growth.

    – Personalized workshop for you to learn to speak in public and develop your communication skills.

    I am a professional in Social Communication with a specialization in Human Resources and 7 years of experience supporting hundreds of collaborators in companies and entrepreneurs so that they shine with their potential.

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    Héctor Luis Colina Sifontes

    Trafficker, Digital Consultant, Copywritter and Journalist

    3 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    During these times, many businesses had their income affected due to COVID19.

    Some disappeared, others saw the opportunity that exists on the internet and social networks.

    They bet on digitizing their businesses to stay, and still increase their turnover.

    Today, I help business owners attract more customers and increase their turnover.

    From a dentist to a beauty center or an info-producer to name a few.

    Be it physical or digital, they all have something in common.

    They need a greater flow of customers and increase their income to continue growing.

    How is it possible?

    Creating, developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy in advertising campaigns on social networks.

    I make sure that your services connect with the right customer, on the right platform and at the right time.

    Literally, I take them to your door so that you can take care of finishing the sale process and you trust them.

    That's what it's about.

    I am Lic. Héctor Colina, and I will be happy to help you achieve your business goals.

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    Luis Montalvo


    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    I do gardening, home work and furniture assembly / disassembly.

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    Alfredo D´Ippolito

    Illustrator and drawing teacher

    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked €10.00/hr

    Hello! My name is Alfredo D´Ippolito and I am an illustrator and teacher of digital drawing and color.

    I have been working professionally for advertising agencies, production companies and publishers for 15 years. Also, since 2008, I teach drawing and digital color classes in my studio, in various institutions and online.

    Throughout my career, I created storyboards and concept art for advertising agencies and production companies, illustrations for books, manuals and magazines, and comics that were published in Chile, Spain, the United States and Argentina.

    Some of my clients are: Editorial Estrada – BOB Magazine (Chile) – Clarín – Proa Editorial – Sintonía Magazine – La Cúpula Editorial (Spain) – Telefónica de Argentina – Gold Pages – Yellow Pages – Movistar – DC Nazca Saatchi

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    Noe Puigdengolas

    Personal and work coach

    4 years of experience 0 tasks worked
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    Laura Fernández

    Content Creator.

    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    I already write it for you. I offer myself as a creator of diverse content. Content for Blog, for Web pages, to tell stories or stories, for scripts, for biographies with a soul … If you don't know how to tell it in words, I'll "lend" you mine. My personal blog is: laucoach.com

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    Mijailo Baranovsky

    Motorcycle mechanic at home

    3 years of experience 0 tasks worked €10.00/hr

    Hello! My name is Mijailo and I am a motorcycle mechanic. I offer you my mechanical and motorcycle repair services at home. Complete motorcycle repair. Oil change. Changing wheels. Change of parts. Fast and quality service. To check the price and schedule write to WhatsApp 633615405 Only Granada and surroundings!

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    Eduardo Silva Paul

    General Informatics

    15 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Computer scientist with extensive experience in the entire sector, he offers himself for: – Repair of PC towers, Laptops. – Optimization of any PC if it is too slow (you can always optimize and improve, just ask me!). – I also assemble computers tailored to each user depending on the available budget, I show you in detail parts, performance and quality / price ratio depending on the use you need. – 100% confidence I maintain and transfer all your information to the new team. – Custom design with the applications and programs you need. All services are included in the price, I read WhatsApp and emails but if you prefer, CALL ME AND ASK!

    Loose parts of new computers are sold with warranties and second-hand

    The best prices on the Internet

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    Noelia Cuenca Caballero

    Job orientation

    2 years of experience 0 tasks worked €10.00/hr

    Are you looking for a job? Do you want to improve your CV? Do you want to improve your professional profile in professional networks? Don't you know how to face that interview? Do you want to grow in your company?

    Or you have your own business and do you want to attract talent and / or develop it?

    My name is Noelia Cuenca Caballero, after my experience as a human resources technician with a very general profile, I have decided to dedicate myself to career guidance and talent development. My passion is to help and see people with different professional goals grow. Regardless of training, degree of experience, gender, origin or age.

    I help you manage your professional strategy and achieve your work goal, through personalized orientation sessions. Or to get the talent you have been looking for for so long.

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    Cristhian Vallejo


    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    I am bilingual with experience in hospitality. I have also
    developed as a translator, music producer and DJ. I am dedicated,
    detail-oriented and critical. I like to contribute ideas and express my point of
    view. I am always open to changes and learning new things
    that help my professional growth. Can find
    comments on TripAdvisor and other review platforms where
    They have left very good comments about my services.

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    Victor Fernandez Naranjo


    18 years of experience 0 tasks worked €20.00/hr

    Plumber with experience at the service of the home, warehouses, companies, water networks, …..

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    Juan Camilo Jurado

    Biologist and translator

    4 years of experience 0 tasks worked €8.00/hr

    Trilingual biologist with extensive experience in writing and translating scientific articles offers his services as a Spanish-English-Spanish translator of all types of documents. It also offers copywriting and proofreading services. Unbeatable value for money!

    Trilingual biologist with extensive experience in writing and translating scientific articles offers his services as a Spanish-English-Spanish translator of all types of documents. I also offer copywriting and proofreading services. Unbeatable price and quality!

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    María Valverde

    Advice, labor demands

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Have you been fired, sanctioned or modified your working conditions? Are you considering suing? Do you know that you can go to the labor courts without a lawyer? If your claim is simple, you think that you do not need all the extra services that a law firm is going to offer you, but drafting the claim seems complicated, we can help you. We will ask you for the necessary information and we will draft your request. You pay when you receive it. According to claim, 50/65 euros. Contact by email and we will inform you without obligation. Ideal for simple claims in which you do not need a lawyer, and when you are very likely to end up conciliating before trial. demand.

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    Walter José Marín

    Computer Engineer and Artist

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked €10.00/hr


    I am a 27-year-old young man, I studied Computer Science Engineering in El Salvador (my native country), now I am studying a higher degree in Dance in Valencia. I am a charismatic, fun, responsible and persevering person. I have done different types of work, I really like challenges and learning new things. Now I want to show my skills and I hope you trust me.

    Best regards.

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    Bruno De Lucia

    Guitar teacher

    4 years of experience 0 tasks worked €6.00/hr

    Beginner and intermediate level Guitar online private lessons.
    – Classical, acoustic or electric guitar, for all ages!
    – Learn to play your own songs or those of your favorite artist!
    – Scales, chords, arpeggios, harmonics, ligatures, techniques for left or right hand, pick exercises, etc.
    (whatsapp: 54 92615346129)

    Facebook: Bruno De Lucia

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    Albert Campanyà Castelló


    1 year of experience 0 tasks worked €39.00/hr

    Hi, I'm Albert, and I offer my services as a chiropractor. In www.esteticamaribelcastello.com you can see more information about where I work. Greetings and cheers.

    Tel: (34) 629 953 091

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    Francisco Cremades

    Advertising and marketing

    1 year of experience 0 tasks worked €8.00/hr

    Hello, I have been a marketing and advertising graduate for 1 year and I have been working and living in Madrid for 10 months.

    I offer my services in this field, specifically as a Community Manager.

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    Laura Gonzalez Betanzos

    Personal trainer and nutritional advice

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    Hi! My name is Laura, I have been in the sports world for many years, teaching hit classes, bodytrainning, zumba, cardiobox and crostrainning, in whose disciplines I am trained. In addition to the title of personal trainer and sports nutrition.
    I have had diabetes since I was 12 years old, which has made me very interested in the functioning of our metabolic and energy system and the effect that different foods have on them, first experimenting with my own body to be able to tell it in the first person.
    If in addition to building the body you want, you would like to learn how to feed yourself and nourish your body with what it really needs, do not hesitate to contact me.
    A healthy motivational greeting!

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    Horacio Herrera

    civil engineer

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked €10.00/hr

    Professional in engineering oriented towards excellence and continuous improvement; Ethical, responsible and innovative, who wants to execute their knowledge and experience to contribute through efficient and effective performance to the achievement of the company's objectives, providing solutions according to the expectations of the organization.

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    Telecommunication engineer

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    Responsible, pro-active person willing to help you with your laptop problems.

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    Compro tu Empresa


    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Alternative Effective Solutions to the Bankruptcy to keep your assets protected.

    • Change of Administrator at the moment.

    • Low cost of the operation.

    • Dissociation with the Staff.

    • Administrator can unsubscribe from self-employed immediately.

    • Management of Cancellation of personal guarantees.

    • Cease management at the moment.

    • Start another project immediately.

    Risk of bankruptcy with the responsibility of the administrator of the debts of the company.

    Signature of the operation in 48 hours after performing due diligence.

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    Francisco Córdoba

    Insurance agent

    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Do you need protection for your home? For your car? For you? For your family? From "El Corte Inglés" multi-insurance we have been doing it for years. The best and most extensive coverage with reduced exclusions and without small print, the best service and the best benefits at the best price !!! Do not hesitate to call me and ask for an improvement or budget consultation without any type of commitment. Our duty is to protect you! Guaranteed improvement and unbeatable service! We are a renowned brand and we only offer the best for you !! Monthly promotions, continuous campaigns ….. etc. Call and make sure you are well insured !! Time and your pocket will appreciate it !! Multi-insurance "El Corte Inglés". We serve you without obligation! (Apart from the different promotions renewed monthly if you are already a member and you have the “El Corte Inglés” card, get a 7.5% discount added !!!!

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    Éleos Administración

    Adminsitración de Empresas

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked €25.00/hr

    Accounting Administrative for companies and small freelancers with extensive experience and above all highly qualified for the administration of companies and freelancers in the construction and metal sector.

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    Luis Martin Molinari

    Business advice for foreign trade

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    My name is Luis Martin Molinari, I am residing in Alicante, Spain.

    Through my company, we want to offer advisory and business management services related to foreign trade and international purchases.

    We take care of buying abroad, logistics, dispatch of the merchandise, you only tell us the item you want and we budget and we take care that it is in your company as quickly as possible, without surprises.

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    Jonathan Payan

    Marketing and web designer

    1 year of experience 0 tasks worked

    Autonomous expert in web design and development, SEO, SEM and online marketing located in Murcia, carried out work throughout Spain online. All our Web Design projects are self-managing, so you can also manage it without programming knowledge, they are also adapted to mobile and tablet devices and optimized to position themselves well in Google's SEO system.

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    Israel Peraita Pérez

    Medium degree Microcomputer systems and networks

    0 years of experience 0 tasks worked €12.00/hr

    Young man of 19 years with a medium degree in microcomputer systems and networks, and currently studying the higher degree of development of multiplatform applications.

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    Mariajosé Martinez

    Advertiser - Designer

    4 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    Graduated as a Publicist and passionate about design. I have 4 years of experience in marketing, advertising graphic design and photography. I have worked with different market sectors, generating digital strategies, advertising designs, photography, managing social networks and creating web pages. Furthermore, I have dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge and giving classes and consultancies to entrepreneurs, brands and companies.

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    Genesis galanton

    Master pastry chef

    6 years of experience 0 tasks worked €8.00/hr

    I am an educated, responsible person, and dedicated to work. I like to do my job with excellence, and learn new things.

    I teach pastry, in groups or individuals in person or virtual.

    I also make cakes and desserts for all occasions, dessert tables, and more.

    If you want any of these services, do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Telémaco Rosper


    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked €35.00/hr

    I introduce myself, my name is Telemachus and for 10 years I have been offering these individual and couple sessions, with a true desire to help your change.

    What I think is that the first ingredient is that you / you want to commit to your change, from there a therapist can accompany, facilitate the meeting with yourself, but without this commitment, I am convinced that there is no point in throwing your time and money.

    From there, a great leap comes, where to rethink everything, where the work, in my opinion, is to divest yourself of everything that is not you, to begin to know yourself, accept yourself and overcome yourself little by little, with a lot of patience and affection, For your part and for mine, because I think that for a therapy to be effective, it can only be from great affection and patience, because without a doubt, Love is the only thing that can heal us and in my opinion, we almost always live far away. s of this almighty energy.

    My goal will be to propose to you what you do and feel, we can spend all our lives analyzing, but I think that is not enough, it seems to me that the great change comes when we start doing different things in our day to day and we become aware of it.

    For my part, I will propose “traps” to you all the time to help you realize that we constantly self-sabotage and blame the outside of our happiness.

    I will also try to get you out of that so-called "comfort zone" all the time and confront you with your biggest fears, to gradually recognize them and not stop acting despite them.

    An intense and deep work, because I think it can not be otherwise if we really want to go from being our greatest enemies to becoming our greatest friends, but without a doubt, tremendously satisfying every time we take a step in To be more conscious, loving, happy, free, sincere, simple, responsible, autonomous and calm people.

    I am trained in emotional intelligence, tantra, meditation and performing arts and above all I try to be consistent in my life with what I propose in my therapies and if I encourage you to do something, it is because before I have already done it and it has worked for me.

    In-person sessions in Madrid and online in the rest of the world.

    Individual face-to-face price 50 euros per hour
    Couple face-to-face price 75 euros per hour

    Individual online price 35 euros per hour
    Couple online price 55 euros per hour

    Thank you very much for reading, for reserving or consulting me about anything, I will be happy to assist you at 606286130, see you soon and happy day !!!

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    Belen Pascal

    Fashion designer, specialist in fashion marketing. International image advisor and personal shopper. Social Media Manager and Community manager

    3 years of experience 0 tasks worked €15.00/hr

    My name is Belen Pascal, I am Argentina, I live in Italy

    Study clothing design at a French Haute Couture center in Buenos Aires.

    Then I specialized in Image Consulting and personal shopper at a member institute of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International)

    I specialized in Fashion and Retail Marketing at the U de Nebrija online. (Spain)

    I did a master in Visual merchandiser remotely at Esneca Business school (Spain)

    I am currently doing a Postgraduate in Communiy manager at Euroinnova Busines School (Spain).

    Currently I provide Social media manager and community manager services to brands and entrepreneurs, I specialize in Fashion brands, because it is an area of which I have a lot of knowledge and I am passionate about fashion.

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    Antonio Navarro

    Power Your Business

    5 years of experience 0 tasks worked

    Good Morning!

    My name is Antonio, and I am co-founder of Power Your Business, a young and innovative online marketing and communication agency, and we want to help you grow your company. A pillar of this growth must be the online channel and, for this, we offer different quality digital products, with the possibility of total customization:

    Web design
    Advice on Social Networks
    Advertising campaigns
    Writing texts in all formats
    Graphic design
    Photographic reports

    Among other services that will achieve the objective that you and I set ourselves: Take your online business to the top.

    For more information, you can contact me and we will assess your case.

    We will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you.

    We will wait for you!

    Antonio José Navarro
    Co-Founder and Commercial Collaborator
    Power Your Business

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    segio moreno oettinger


    10 years of experience 0 tasks worked €18.00/hr

    Arquitecto_BIM_Manager, with 10 years of experience in the field of construction.

    Until 2018, I worked as a project architect and founder of MoMa Arquitectos, an architecture studio in Santiago, Chile.

    Then I made the decision to travel to Valencia, Spain to train in BIM methodology, taking a postgraduate degree in sustainable architecture, a BIM postgraduate degree at the European University and a Master's degree in parametric models at the Polytechnic of Valencia.

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