Ways to arrange a work place at home. Comfortable appearance and design.



Ways to arrange a work place at home: recommendations of designers

Unfortunately, not everyone who works at home can allocate a separate room to arrange a study. However, it’s not a reason to despair: using recommendations of modern designers, you can create an organic and functional workspace in any part of the flat.

Five steps to an ideal work place

Step one. Let’s select a place for your work nook

If you support feng shui, follow customary rules to determine an optimal workspace. As for others, we recommend to follow the tips set forth below:

  • select a place with maximum daylight – a glazed recessed balcony, bedroom, kitchen;
  • place a desk to the right of the window or just in front of it. If you put a desk at the wall opposing the window, you’ll face many problems – the PC display will catch much light in daytime, and the shadow from the back will cover the work surface;
  • you can use a wide window sill instead of the desk, the point is that it should be able to accommodate a laptop, a notepad, and tools required for work; you can also buy a  foldable table;
  • the issue of unavailability of sufficient number of free square meters is easily solved by means of foldable furniture, folding tables, rollout shelves.

Step two. Let’s make the workplace comfortable

Work at home has many advantages – an opportunity to arrange the work schedule on your own, go on leave, when you want, no cap in terms of wages, etc. But there are disadvantages, as well: stove, kettle, TV set and bed availability at arm’s length demotivates. You cannot concentrate on the work process… Take care of reasonable space arrangement.

First of all, get rid of the necessity to leave the desk. It often happens that you go to the next room just for a moment to fetch the charger, and return in a couple of hours having watched a perfect film, having slept well after the lunch… If it is about you – keep your charger next to the work place, you had no need to get up. As well as a ream of paper, notepads to make notes, office stationery and everything you may need during work.

Availability of shelves above the workspace will make all these ideas come true. The more tools you require for work, the more shelves you can fix upwards without consuming the workspace.

If you spend much time at the computer (e.g., working as a programmer), you have surely encountered such problems as back and neck pain. Make it a rule to have regular physical exercises – stretch your arms, shoulders, neck, and soon you’ll forget about nagging pains in the body. Particular attention should be paid to the chair selection: a correct position ensures attractive healthy poise, comfort during work. Ergonomic back of the armchair will save you trouble, when incorrect position of the back disturbs blood flow to the head. However, ergonomic armchairs seldom naturally fit in the interior environment.

Some freelancers prefer to spare the armchair, they work just sitting on a sofa or in an armchair with the laptop on their knees. Your case? Buy the orthopedic pillow and you’ll be able to arrange a work place anywhere at yours.

Step three. Think over illumination

It’s good to think it over at the stage of selecting a place for work. If you were lucky to find a place with perfect natural lighting, accept our congratulations. Otherwise, you’ll have to work with artificial. Table lamps, sconces, standard lamps will help you to arrange the space in an optimal way – directing lighting fixtures to the work surface pay attention to shadows, they should not interfere (do not place light sources behind the head or on the writing hand side). Spare no light during evening work: just a table lamp is insufficient, to keep your eyesight good combine the directed light from the table lamp with general illumination of the room – the appearance is good, and the eyes are well.

Pay attention to the light spectrum: in daytime, many designers recommend using cold spectrum lamps, as they promote performance. However, in the evening, warm illumination is preferred, otherwise, there is a risk to disturb the brain biorhythms. And do not sit at the computer late – you should have a good rest, otherwise, the performance will soon drop down.

Step four. Decor on guard for work interests

As it was mentioned above, freelancers may have difficulties in concentrating on work at home – everything distracts from the computer and actually invites to have a rest, to relax. You can cope with the problem having singled out the working area in the room visually. What tools should be used for zoning? Design experts recommend to use color, illumination, textile. Arranging the space of the home office, designers recommend to use cold, calm, austere color tints – it is particularly essential, if work is constantly accompanied with stress. You can use tints of green (promote performance), blue (help concentration). However, not a single tint of the brown range can motivate work, therefore, in the home office, these colors are not welcome.

Don’t be afraid to use functional objects of interior environment, furniture to designate the working area: a shelf for working accessories, and an organizer for office stationery, a blackboard for notes fixed on the wall next to the desk – all this will let set your mind on work, and will let to concentrate and put down interesting new ideas, as well.

If you want to create a joyful atmosphere, use folders of different colors, bright office stationery.

Step five. Let’s create an atmosphere

An advantage of having a work place at home is that you can experiment with your nook appearance, use the objects that would look odd in the office. However, beware of overdoing with it – ample photos, statutes, decorated pillows, nice pieces may make your desk a storage of memories. Remember that the main purpose of such things is to inspire rather than to distract.

Live plants in pots will be a good supplement of your working interior: first, green color calms down the eyes relieving them from excessive stress, second, plants promote generation of new ideas (special research have been undertaken for the purpose). Plants are able to transform even a small corner work place.

And the last tip: do not neglect a wonderful force of scents. Use an aroma lamp, and you’ll be able to control your mood easily: lemon scent at a desk helps to concentrate, lavender will relieve you from excessive stress, and mint as recommended by experts shall be used before complex deals, negotiations, as far as this scent stimulates thinking.

Work at home is attractive thanks to full control of your time, schedule, work place appearance – whatever you wish! And the number of its drawbacks is ever less. Whereas before the freelancers spent much time looking for customers, today the specialized services spring up to solve this problem. For example, you can always sign up at getservice.es, and forget what the deficit of work is, of course, if you are an expert in your field and offer the services of really high quality.

Specialists will give a clue to arranging a convenient work place with your own hands. Make your cozy work nook compact using the tips of designers, and the work will give you maximum pleasure. It is always pleasant to watch a high-quality product generating with your assistance!